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Data Center


T he data center is where your information and                  definite way to save you money.” There are benefits,
         applications live. It is where your information comes
         and goes. It is the center of your entire network. A   such as file storage/SharePoint, backup recovery, and
well-designed data center is something you do not need          the potential to save money; however, before we would
to think about because you should feel secure in the way        transition you to cloud, we would like to ensure you are the
it is running. From power and cooling, to network and           right type of user.
applications, your data center should be a smooth-running
machine. A data center can protect itself when it is well-      Transitioning to the cloud is most often a smart business
designed.                                                       decision for smaller companies. This way, they do not need
                                                                to pay for hardware, service, renewals, support, or additional
This year, talk about transitioning to the cloud has            IT staff. Our myth mentioned before now comes into play
been a hot topic so we wanted to cover it in our 2018           when very large corporations get brought into the mix. Often
edition. Shawn Mendel, a Manager of Engineering Services,       times it is a misconception that transitioning to the cloud is
                                                                always less expensive. For larger corporations, this is not
says “We want you to know that it is not always                 always the case because of the abundant information that
seamless and to ignore the myth that it is a                    needs to be transitioned to the cloud. Our engineers at

             10,000                                             8,800+
                OFFICE 365                                           CYLANCE

                   CUSTOMER                                     DEPLOYED MANAGED
               LICENSES IN 2017.                                 ENDPOINTS IN 2017.

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