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RANDY CINCO                   Infrastructure

   Service Manager | Sioux Falls, SD  Customer Spotlight
     “I enjoy coming to work every
     day because of the people. It    Dakota Wesleyan University | Mitchell, SD
    is a pleasure to work alongside
          dedicated, passionate       D akota Wesleyan University is modernizing
    individuals, who are committed               higher education. They are the first university in
        to helping our customers                 South Dakota to create a one-to-one program
          achieve their IT goals.”    through a partnership with Apple. In February of 2018,
                                      DWU in Mitchell, South Dakota announced a new
10                                    way of thinking for higher education, providing every
                                      degree-seeking student with an iPad. DWU’s technology
                                      initiative is much more than a device for each student. It
                                      incorporates a redesign of the curriculum, the learning
                                      environment, and gives students choices for learning.
                                      The technology initiative differs in that it is a student-
                                      centric use of technology. Digital DWU is as much about
                                      integrating technology as it is about teaching students
                                      to think creatively and ethically about technology. “High
                                      Point Networks brings a ton of value by discussing
                                      new technologies that keep us evolving as a
                                      business education institute,” said Chad Harvey,
                                      Director of Information Technology at DWU.


                                                                            STUDENTS & FACULTY

                                                                                          SUPPORTED BY DWU’S IT DEPT.
                                                                                                 OF 7 TEAM MEMBERS.

                                      Harvey knew that such an undertaking would require
                                      a strong network with the ability to manage network
                                      access. That’s why he chose to partner with High
                                      Point Networks. “Being able to talk with the High
                                      Point Networks team, their vendor partners, and
                                      other education institutions regarding this project
                                      was key in understanding what long and short-
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