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                                         Why It’s Useful To Your Business

term requirements were needed.           An Ethernet fabric network is a type of Ethernet that
They weren’t in it for a quick           is aware of all its paths, nodes, requirements, and
sale,” Harvey continued. The Aruba       resources. They eradicate the need for the challenging and
ClearPass solution allowed Harvey        comparatively less-efficient Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).
and his team to see who was on the       Compared to classic hierarchical architectures, Ethernet
network, identify the device, and grant  fabrics provide the higher levels of performance, utilization,
access based on the type of user.        availability, and simplicity required to meet the business
                                         needs of data centers today and into the future.
                                         The benefits of a fabric, along with virtualization-specific
                                         enhancements, make it easier to explicitly address the
                                         challenges of VM automation within the network, thereby
                                         facilitating better IT automation.

                                         Hyper-segmentation, or the ability to create network-wide
                                         virtual segments, helps secure the network by segregating
                                         traffic according to enterprise-specific requirements.

  30 DORM APs                            THE BENEFITS OF FABRIC
TO UPDATE ALL DORMS IN 2019.                 ▪ Highly available
                                             ▪ Guarantees high-bandwidth utilization over equal costs
This allows devices to connect without
compromising the security of the              paths
network. “I have had tremendous              ▪ Does not stall traffic when links are added or removed
benefit in dealing with everyone
at High Point Networks. From                  due to failure or network reconfiguration
engineers to project managers,               ▪ Makes latency deterministic and lossless
the post-implementation                      ▪ Eliminates the need to tag VLAN’s across network

                                              devices within the fabric
                                             ▪ Fabric cannot loop
                                             ▪ Core nodes do not need to know every single IP
                                             ▪ Can scale to 16 million Service ID’s using mac-in-mac

                                              encapsulation (802.1ah)
                                             ▪ Survivable multicast streams

support has been

outstanding,” Harvey

concluded.                               THE PROBLEMS THAT FABRIC SOLVES

Chad Harvey                              Time to Service                  Ongoing Operations
Director of Information                  ▪ Provision at the “edge”        ▪ Network visibility
Technology                               ▪ One configuration command      ▪ Simplified troubleshooting
                                         ▪ Seamless network extension     ▪ Multi-pathing - symmetric flows                         Efficiency                       Flexibility
                                         ▪ Using all paths and bandwidth  ▪ Physical topology independent
                                         ▪ Fast convergence               ▪ Service virtualization L2/L3
                                         ▪ No MAC explosion               ▪ Networks where needed
                                         ▪ Simplified change control      ▪ Small to large networks                                                  11
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