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Unified Communications


U nified communications is the ability to                   “Technology is an ever-evolving beast. Once
              connect anyone, anywhere, at any time.        you think you know everything there is about it,
              Whether users are on the road, in an office,  the beast changes,” said Unified Communications
or work from home, we provide technologies that allow       Engineer, Steve Hoffman. High Point Networks will be
them to seamlessly connect real-time. From picking          there for you through every change. Our UC engineers
up the telephone receiver to logging in to a video          invest many hours of training and continuing education
conference, rest assured our team is there to make the      in order to keep up to date on evolving trends and
solution fit your business.                                 requirements.

       812                                       250 +                   125,971
               CUSTOMERS                         TRAINING HOURS
                                                                          SUPPORTED IN 2018
               SUPPORTED IN 2018               TO CUSTOMERS BY FULLY
                                            CERTIFIED SERVICE ENGINEERS     ( from 69,000 in 2017)
                       ( from 494 in 2017)

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