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STEVE HOFFMAN                       Unified
   Unified Comm. Engineer | Billings, MT
                                          Customer Spotlight
 “I am very grateful to work for High
   Point Networks. It’s nice to work      MEBulbs Premium Quality Lighting | Fargo, ND
    with a family-oriented company
                                          M EBulbs has been in the lighting industry since
 where I am known as a person and                      1974 and for over four decades has been a
     not an employee ID number.”                       leader in energy saving, high quality, long life
                                          lighting products. Quality has always been their number
14                                        one goal. The staff of engineers source the best lighting
                                          components and manufacturing facilities in the world
                                          to make products to exact specifications. In the 70’s,
                                          they were pioneers in energy efficient lighting with the
                                          Multi-Watt Incandescent design; now they are leading
                                          the industry with the brightest and longest-life LEDs,
                                          Xtreme Duty Hybrid Fluorescents, and many other
                                          cutting edge, high quality products. Their network of
                                          highly trained sales representatives provide customers
                                          with the best possible on-site service. What the
                                          company sells in just one year could illuminate an eight-
                                          foot-wide hallway from New York City to San Francisco.

                                          We spoke to Director of Information Technology, Anne
                                          Kuzas, about why they chose High Point Networks
                                          as their technology provider. “We were looking
                                          at a new phone system and we had asked
                                          three providers to propose solutions. Each
                                          had a different option to consider,” said Kuzas.

                                            Because MEBulbs has a variety of departments
                                             and manufacturers within their sales department,
                                               they needed a system that could separate the
                                               call directories and music on hold. They also
                                               needed a system that was easy to manage from
                                               within their organization. Kuzas added, “We had
                                               worked with High Point Networks before on
                                               infrastructure items, but never on the phone
                                                side.” After careful consideration, MEBulbs chose
                                                 the High Point Networks option, which was a
                                                 completely different product from what they had
                                                 been using. “This was a huge change for our
                                                 organization. We had to re-learn an entirely
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