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new system, but we chose High Point                CLOUD VS. ON-PREMISE
because the solution they proposed met             Similarities and Differences
all of our requirements, had less total cost
of ownership, was much easier to manage,           Cloud is a hosted phone system, which means
and was backed by their professional               there is not an actual phone system or any
services team,” said Kuzas.                        equipment on site. Your phone will essentially
                                                   talk to the cloud to get a dial tone, make and
High Point Networks spent significant time on the  receive calls, etc. Because your phone system
front end helping MeBulbs plan out each phase      lives in the cloud, geography for the user
of the project, which kept the deployment on       goes out the window, which is a plus for any
track and within budget. “During the install,      company.
we had an issue with one of our users. High
Point Networks had an engineer sit on site         On-premise is the more traditional voice service.
with that user until the issue was fixed. In       An on-premise phone system is a physical
addition, we had an issue where calls were         device either owned or leased by the user. The
dropping. My sales rep called our customer         end user will have a server either on their site or
service every morning to check on the              in their data center. With on-premise VoIP, you
problem. He then would call me directly            will have dial tone from a traditional telecom,
after and give me a progress report. Not           cable provider, or SIP trunk provider.
many partners are that invested in your
business,” Kuzas said.                             BENEFITS OF CLOUD

“We chose High Point Networks because                  ▪ OPEX model with low startup fee
they are honest and won’t try to sell us               ▪ Equipment and trunk provider are the same
something we don’t need. I have never found            ▪ Architecture is simple
a partner as committed to our success as               ▪ Easy to integrate SMS
they are. They do their homework on my                 ▪ Built in disaster recovery
unique requirements but also on the solutions
they provide. They base recommendations            BENEFITS OF ON-PREMISE
off what makes sense to the customer, not on
the latest or coolest thing on the market. You         ▪ CAPEX model so ongoing costs can be
will never regret partnering with High Point            mitigated
Networks,” Kuzas concluded.
                                                       ▪ Full control of maintenance windows
    Anne Kuzas                                          upgrades
    Director of Information Technology
                                                       ▪ Physical equipment on site with direct
                               access for troubleshooting

                    ▪ Adding handsets doesn’t increase OPEX

                                                       ▪ Less security concerns

                                                   With High Point Networks, both solutions will
                                                   allow you to add end users with ease and have
                                                   significant software suites and mobility options.
                                                   You will also be able to simplify the processes of
                                                   building auto attendants, creating work groups,
                                                   and setting up call queues through a web-based
                                                   management interface.

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