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              to the point of needing to be               TEAM                    Q: What do you love about
                                                                                  serving our customers?
              upgraded or refreshed, so
              we determined that it was               QA                          A: I love having the ability to help
              time for a full replacement.                                        resolve problems that affect the
              The manageability of the                      WITH                  everyday work performance of
              Mitel phone system is so                 JOSE ROJAS                 users. This inspires me to always
              much easier. There are many                                         be ready to help and minimize the
              additional things that the                                          level of frustration a customer might
              Mitel system can do that                 ROLE AT HPN                be having with a product.
                                                       Sr. Telephony Engineer
              come with the system at no                                          Q: What is your favorite part
              additional cost.                         OFFICE LOCATION
                                                       Pueblo, CO                 about working for HPN?

           Q: How did having a project              19  YEARS OF INDUSTRY         A: The fact that everyone is held
              manager specifically                     19+ Years                  accountable for their actions. I love
              assigned to your company                 HOMETOWN                   the way we help each other and
                                                       Chihuahua, Mexico
              help streamline your                                                you can see there isn't any jealousy
              project?                                                            about giving away our work
           A: We do not have the luxury of
              having someone on staff to                                          Q: What is a technology that you
              do project management so,                                           think companies should consider?
              having someone with that                                            A: I believe most customers
 PROJECT SPOTLIGHT  ability helped us make sure                                   pay little or no attention to how
              we were keeping everything
                                                                                  relevant network security is to their
 Unified Communications: Cody Regional Health  on track.                          business. They take for granted
                                                                                  that just because they have a
           Q: What is an example of                                               firewall box and antivirus software
              how High Point Networks                                             they are protected. Investing and
              has gone “the extra mile”                                           learning more about security should
 Brenda Miller  System Administrator  to serve you during this                      be a must for every company.
 COMPANY LOCATION  PROJECT NAME                                                        Q: What is something most
 Cody, WY  Phone System Upgrade  A: It was great to be able to                         people do not know about you?
              talk with our engineer at
              any time during the project                                               A: I love sharing my story
 Q: Tell us about Cody Regional   Q: Describe the project your   things going on at the same   to make sure that we   of how God has helped me
 Health’s relationship with   company implemented with   time. For instance, we also   were doing everything that   throughout my life. I don’t
 High Point Networks.  High Point Networks.  updated our overhead paging   needed to be done in a   necessarily bring it up all
 system and the phone   timely manner.                                                 the time but I let my actions
 A: We have been working with   A: The most recent project                             reflect my love for God. I coach

 High Point Networks for   that we implemented with   system reports. So, we just   Q: What have been the   baseball and enjoy teaching kids
 many years now and each   High Point was upgrading   rolled everything into one     the fundamentals of the game. I
 project we do with them   our phone system from a   inclusive project.   greatest benefits of working   am a cowboy by trade and love
 keeps us coming back.   Cisco phone system to Mitel.   Q: What challenge(s) did   with HPN as your trusted IT   horses. The best
 It is also beneficial for us   There was a lot of planning   the solution that was   partner?     time of the year is
 that our account manager   that went into this project   implemented solve for Cody   I never feel like we   going horseback
 understands the needs of   and they were with us every   Regional Health?  A: are left out in the cold   ROJAS INSPIRATION  riding through
 healthcare.  step of the way. We also   after a project has   “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small   the mountains of
 had a couple of additional   A: Our Cisco phone system was   been completed.  things with great love.” - Mother Theresa  Mexico with my

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