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                                    DATA CENTER

                                  Maximizing Your Company’s Resources.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              OFFICE 365
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           LICENSES IN 2019
         T T    he data center is where       premise, cloud, collocation, hosting   versus the cost of their current

                                              and edge computing to meet the
                your information and
                applications live. It is at the
                                              way possible.
         heart of your company’s network      needs of your company in the best    Undoubtedly, there are many
         and encompasses a vast array of                                           advances to consider when                                                                                                                   80TB
         solutions that High Point Networks   Hyper-converged infrastructure       preparing your data center for                                                                                                           OF CUSTOMER
         engineers are proven experts         has been the topic of many           today and the future. Our team                                                                                                           DATA SECURED
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            IN THE CLOUD
         in. From hyperconvergence to         customer conversations this year     has extensive knowledge across
         securing assets through physical     and remains relevant as we shift     all solutions that run in your data
         and access control, there are        into the future. Many organizations   center. From hyper-converged
         many things to consider when         are leveraging this technology       infrastructure, cloud computing,
         architecting your                                                               office 365, to backup
         Data Center for future                                                          replication and disaster
         disruptive technologies.          “High Point Networks invests in helping me    recovery, we are ready to
                                         achieve the highest level of certifications within   help you evaluate and plan                                                                            AREAS OF EXPERTISE
         Just as the Internet of           my area of expertise. This ensures that our   for what works in your IT
                                           customers are receiving top-notch service
         Things (IoT) have affected               when they partner with us.”            environment. “The Data
         the network, their impact              - Bart Krile, Senior Systems Engineer    Center of the Future looks                                                                                 Server and Desktop Virtualization
         extends into the Data                                                           vastly different than the                                                                                           Data Storage
         Center as well. With                                                            ones we’ve built in the past.                                                                                     Hyperconvergence
         over 34 billion IoT devices to be    to simplify IT, increase efficiency,   Our job is to help our customers                                                                                Data Backup, Replication, and
         connected to the Internet in 2020,   enable seamless scalability,         choose the solution that best fits                                                                                      Disaster Recovery
         IoT exponentially increases the      improve agility, and reduce costs.    their unique requirements,” Koole                                                                                  Management & Monitoring
         amount of information that must      Senior Systems Engineer, Doug        concluded. Whatever technical                                                                                          Office 365 Solutions
         be processed, analyzed and acted     Koole, said: “When considering this   assistance you need, we have the                                                                                         Applications
         upon. A hybrid IT strategy is key in   technology, companies should start   subject matter experts in place to
         addressing these challenges, and     with an ROI analysis, to compare     help you decide what solutions are
         the conversation must include on-    the upfront cost of the HCI solution   the best fit for your company.

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