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Data Center

MAXIMIZING YOUR COMPANY’S RESOURCES.                    continue to rise. The bottom line is that broad
                                                        strokes about all-in cloud or on-premise data
T he data center is where your information              centers no longer make sense. The decision is
          and applications live. It is also where your  made on an application-by-application basis, if not
          information comes and goes, and the center    a component-by-component basis. Those choices
of your entire network. From power and cooling, to      need to be revisited for new applications frequently
network and applications, your data center should       as demand changes. One size no longer fits all.
be a smooth-running machine that optimizes your         Choose the route that provides the speed necessary
organization’s investment. It should be built to fit    to iterate your way to innovation and achieve long-
current requirements as well as future needs, and       term cost controls.
you should feel secure in the way it is running.
                                                        At High Point Networks, we will help you decide on
Transitioning to the cloud is an important topic that   solutions that keep your company’s best interest top
is discussed with our customers. When it comes          of mind. We have the experts that can work with
to cloud vs. on-premise data centers, what has          you versus just giving you a price. Our teams have
long been framed as an “either/or” proposition is       extensive knowledge across all solutions that run in
increasingly becoming an “and” reality. Just over       your data center.
a year ago, the IDC reported that 55 percent of
organizations are using both. That number will

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