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Who We Are

 A TEAM YOU CAN TRUST.                               consistently provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

High Point Networks is a value-added reseller        We honor our commitments and do what we
          (VAR) of information technology providing  say we are going to do. We’ll take the
          solutions to both the SMB and enterprise   time to understand our customers’
 level markets in the upper Great Plains. In short,  goals and match them with
 we help people buy and use technology. President    solutions that give them the
                                                     foundation for success.
 & CEO, Tom McDougall, says “My goal is to           As High Point Networks
 help others get to where they want to               continues to grow, our
 go. I want to work on a plan together and           principles and values
 identify how I can assist.”                         remain the same.

 At High Point Networks, we understand that
 technology isn’t perfect and not everything always
 goes smoothly. At some point, each company
 will face a challenge. The question is, who do
 you want by your side when that challenge
 happens? We will be there when you need
 us to identify the problem and find a solution,
 and our solutions solve real challenges.
 At High Point Networks, we promise to

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