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We believe our principles and values are directly             A Message From Justin Fetsch
linked to why we have quickly become one of
the region’s premier providers of voice and data              Vice President of Sales
network solutions. Our headquarters is located in
West Fargo, North Dakota, however there are now                              As technology continues to evolve
seven more locations to better serve customers:                                  at High Point Networks, we
                                                                                   will continuously work hard
	 Bismarck, North Dakota                                                             to find the right solutions
	 Sioux Falls, South Dakota                                                          that make you successful.
	 Brookings, South Dakota                                                            We hope this gives you
	 Detroit Lakes, Minnesota                                                           the ability to do business
	 Twin Cities, Minnesota                                                             with us in a number of
	 Billings, Montana                                                                different ways such as capital
	 Denver, Colorado                                                               purchases, operation leases,

These locations were not picked by throwing a dart on                        or our variety of as a Service (aaS)
the map. They were picked because each had the right                   offerings. We want to make doing
combination of people and resources. At each location,        business with HPN as easy as possible for you
you will find people that take the time to get to know        and believe that all of our solutions should have
you, understand what you want to accomplish, and put          the flexibility to adapt to your financial model.
you together with the right people to make it happen.
                                                              A Message From Kelly Schlauderaff
“The biggest thing I want people to know is that
you will want us on your team not only for the                General Manager & CFO
product, but for the experience,” says McDougall.
                                                                              High Point Networks is
At High Point Networks, our foundation is built on trust and                     passionately concerned
our success will always be based off of your success.                              with the success of
                                                                                     our customers. We
                                                                                     demonstrate this by
                                                                                     our massive investment
                                                                                     in professional training
                                                                                     for our engineers and in
                                                                                   all the manufacturers we
                                                                                 carry. We know that in the

                                                                             IT space you have choices, so
                                                                      we differentiate by making sure we
                                                              have an abundance of resources available
                                                              to ensure your company is running as its
                                                              best self. We also know that in IT, challenges
                                                              happen. With that, we have a commitment
                                                              that we will be by your side during these
                                                              challenges and stay with you until resolved
                                                              to your satisfaction. I am excited to see what
                                                              we can do for both current customers and
                                                              new – here’s to 2018 and beyond!

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