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Core Vs. The Edge

CORE: The core network is where all routing and traffic converges. Eventually, everything ends up at the core. The core, also known as the
‘backbone,’ is not designed to be security conscious. It’s main responsibility is routing. Speed is most important at the core, as one wants
to get data back and forth between endpoints on the edge, in and out from the Internet. Gateways are used in the core to connect other
locations, which might have their own core. The core should get this data there fast with a quality of service.

THE EDGE: When a computer or device connects to a network, it connects to the edge of the network. The edge is the part of the
network you want to protect and where your firewalls are located. Whether it be a wireless access point, network jack in an office, or a
kiosk, security at the edge of your network is important. Quality of Service (QoS), Access Control Lists (ACLs), and Multicast features (IGMP)
are at the edge, giving priority and filtering data before it gets to your core.

We believe that your network is a key business asset and that means      popularity by the day due to the rise in cyber security
we want your network to be a solid one. Simple, flexible, and well-      awareness. Simply put, NAC validates a computer or
thought-out should be three traits of your network. We help design and   other endpoint device and authorizes network access
spend a lot of time in pre-sales to assess current network design, pain
points, and possible solutions. A network that is well-documented        based on needs. “At High Point Networks,
will allow us to know how it is connected together, which will shorten   we take a look at a lot of different pieces
troubleshooting and time to finding any root cause issues.               of information when it comes to NAC. We
                                                                         look at location, time of day, type of device,
When it comes to infrastructure, another thing we want our customers     department, and device health status. All of
to be aware of is NAC or Network Access Control. NAC is gaining          these important details help determine who
                                                                         needs access to what on the network,” says

                                                                         Network Engineer, Tyler McCloud. Network Engineer,

                                                                         Tylan Hochhalter adds, “By limiting access, your
                                                                         network stays more secure.”

                                                                         Our engineers are ready to help no matter the challenge.

                                                                         “I like seeing a project take form from start to
                                                                         finish,” says Solutions Engineer, Doug Koole. Peaked

                                                                         interest is inevitable with the network team at High Point
                                                                         Networks when a challenging situation comes along.
                                                                         First comes the challenge, then a quest to find the
                                                                         solution follows.                                                7
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