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Unified Communications

                                                KEEPING YOU ALWAYS CONNECTED.

            U nified Communications is the ability to connect anyone, anywhere, at
                                                                anytime. Whether users go to an office, choose to work from home, or
                                                                are road warriors – we provide technologies that allow them to talk to
                                                         each other via real-time communication from wherever they are. That includes
                                                             everything from simply picking up the telephone receiver to logging in to a
                                                                 video conference. Our focus is always on the customers and how we can
                                                                    make these technologies easy to use.
                                                                         We want to visit with you to understand your communication needs.
                                                                          During that pre-sales conversation, you will get an abundance of
                                                                            knowledge from an engineer who will likely be with you from start
                                                                             to finish. Our design team is also the installation team to ensure
                                                                  a streamlined process for our customer. “We do not want
                                                                  a new engineer on a project every meeting. We
                                                                   want our customer to be able to keep familiar faces
                                                                   throughout their entire project so they are not only
                                                                   comfortable, but know their vision from the first



                                                                                                                                            SUPPORTED BY THE HPN
                                                                                                                                           TELEPHONY DEPT. IN 2017.

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