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 YOUR NETWORK IS A KEY BUSINESS ASSET.                      temperature, and security requirements.” We
                                                            want to make sure customers are aware of storage,
F irewalls, switches, routers, and network                  heating/cooling needs, and security requirements
          design are all a part of the daily life of our    to prevent the IT aspect of your company from
          infrastructure team. What is a good day for this  becoming an afterthought.
 team? Getting to meet with a customer, review their
 needs, understand their goals, and work together to        Your network is a key business asset and should
 put a plan in motion.                                      be simple, flexible, and well-thought-out. When it
                                                            comes to infrastructure, another thing we want our
 One of the things our infrastructure team does             customers to be aware of is NAC or Network Access
 on a regular basis is work with both existing and          Control. Simply put, NAC validates a computer
 new customers who are looking to move into a               or other endpoint device and authorizes network
 new building. “It is important for us to see the           access based on need. We’ll take a look at a lot of
 architect drawings sooner rather than later,”              different pieces of information when it comes to NAC.
 Shawn Mendel, Manager of Engineering Services,             Location, time of day, type of device, department, and
 stated. Mendel continued, “Network infrastructure
 needs to be sufficient according to space,

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