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device health status are all important details to help          135 +
determine who needs access to what on the network.
By limiting access, your network stays more secure.                        PROJECTS

Our engineers are ready to help no matter the                                     RELATED TO
challenge. “It is an exciting time to be a network-                     INFRASTRUCTURE IN 2018.
focused engineer. Technologies that were once
the realm of large organizations are becoming           LAN (Switching & Routing)
more mainstream. Things like SD-WAN and                 WAN (P2P, MPLS, Ethernet, Wireless P2P,
fabric networking are more accessible than ever         Optimization, & Acceleration)
before,” said Service Manager, Randy Cinco. Peaked      Wireless (WLAN or Transport)
interest is inevitable with the network team at High    Load Balancing (Internet/WAN)
Point Networks when a challenging situation comes       Management & Monitoring
along. First comes the challenge; then a quest to find  Network Access Control
the solution follows.
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