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Mitel Acquires ShoreTel - The Details

                                                                     Q&A with Mike Conlon, Mitel VP of Channels of North America

                                                                     Q: What does this merger mean for the customer in
                                                                          terms of products/service and maintenance?

                                                                     A: As a customer, you now have a wider range of
                                                                          products both on site and in the cloud, as well as
                                                                          investment protection. Mitel’s priority throughout
                                                                          the integration processes is to minimize any
                                                                          disruption to customers. We are committed to
                                                                          providing continued support and an attractive
                                                                          path forward for all businesses. Any changes to
                                                                          existing service, support tools, or processes will
                                                                          be communicated well in advance.

                                                                     Q: Where does Mitel now rank amongst VoIP

meeting will be met in the end,” says Telephony Engineer,            A: Mitel is a global leader in business
                                                                          communications and collaboration, and has
Todd Braud. Following installation, you will receive top-notch            been recognized as a Leader in the Gartner
training. Jan Brandner, our fully certified Service Engineer, meets       Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications for
on site with each customer to ensure you are comfortable with             four consecutive years.
your system. High Point Networks offers not only quality product,
but quality service.                                                 Q: How does this merger benefit High Point Networks
As many of you know, High Point Networks recently acquired                from a VAR perspective in servicing the customer?
the VAR division of EarthBend Technology earlier this year.
This intertwined highly experienced engineers in both Mitel and      A: The ShoreTel acquisition reflects Mitel’s
ShoreTel. With the Mitel-ShoreTel acquisition now final, you can          transformation into a true customer-first
trust that High Point Networks has you covered on both sides.             company. By acquiring ShoreTel, we not only
As a previous Gold Champion Partner with ShoreTel and now                 benefit from their technology and deep talent
a Mitel Gold Exclusive Partner, you know you will connect with            pool, we gain processes and functions Mitel
experts in their field when you contact High Point Networks.              didn’t previously have in place. For High Point
                                                                          Networks, this will translate into an enhanced
                                                                          level of service and support for both cloud and
                                                                          on-site customers.

“You can buy phone systems from anyone, but
our service is what rises us above
the competition,” Telephony Operations
Manager, Dave Florey says. We work with
you to determine the best overall solution for
your company and our goal is to improve your      What does the flagship portfolio look like?
business communications. When it comes to
Unified Communications, efficiency is essential.  Chosen for their ability to delivery simplicity and reliability. Mitel’s integrated,
                                                  enterprise-grade communications and collaboration solutions for the North
                                                  American market include:
                                                  ▪ MiCloud Connect and MiCloud Flex for customers looking for retail
                                                    UCaaS solutions
                                                  ▪ MiVoice Office 250, MiVoice Connect, MiVoice Business, and for
                                                    customers looking for on-site solutions

69,000 +                                          MiCloud Connect and MiVoice Connect are the former ShoreTel products.
         MITEL                                    Additional solutions in the Mitel Portfolio:

ENDPOINTS SUPPORTED                                    ▪ Cloud: MiCould Business, Clearspan, Toshiba VIPedge
BY HIGH POINT IN 2017.                                 ▪ On-site: MiVoice 400 (Hospitality), MiVoice MX-ONE, Toshiba CIX/IPedge                                                                                           9
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