The foundation of our solutions is service.

The Professional Services offered by High Point Networks is the differentiating factor in choosing and keeping us as your Technology partner. High Point Networks is a leader, and true subject matter expert in the solutions we offer. As a value-added reseller (VAR), we augment your own IT staff, so you can adopt new technologies that were previously out of reach.

Your project is unique. It deserves a focused and strategic service strategy.
  • Understanding - Seasoned veterans of the IT industry, the High Point team is fully conversant with the unique pressures of IT management and the complex challenges set for them by their business counterparts.

  • Quality Customer Service - You'll enjoy the services of an Account Manager & Project Manager who are 100% dedicated to understanding and servicing your needs with customer satisfaction being their Number One priority.

  • Technology & Business Expertise - At High Point, we ensure that we understand every customer's requirement from a technology and business perspective. Only when we completely understand a requirement's business and technology drivers will we begin the process of choosing service professionals.

  • Selectivity - All of our service professionals are carefully evaluated to ensure an alignment of your requirements and corporate culture with an individual's skill sets, work habits and other factors. We promise that you'll only be presented with qualified and certified professionals.

We offer Professional Services in all areas of our solution portfolio.
  • Network Infrastructure

  • Unified Communications

  • Data Center

  • Security

They did it. You can, too.

Technology is an ever changing field that constantly needs to be monitored in order to stay up to speed. High Point Networks not only does this but they also have the resources to help provide implementation and support in all areas of the project.

High Point Networks assisted us when we were looking at moving our server infrastructure into a virtualized environment. This was due to our primary need for more storage along with necessary hardware upgrades in order to accommodate software upgrades. They assisted in determining a solution that would best fit our needs and also provided assistance in its implementation. They were great to work with on this as the transition to the new environment happened with minimal impact to our end users and 85% of the transition was performed during business hours.

The staff has gone out of their way to follow up on open issues and to check on our progress on those tasks their services were not needed. They have not only helped us with our project, but shared with us their knowledge and made sure we understood how to manage the new environment on our own. This would be a huge project for any IT Department. The solution High Point Networks put together was so well thought out and planned that what could have been a very stressful project has been implemented quite smoothly.

- Justin Briscoe, Network Administrator, GOLDMARK Property Management, Fargo, North Dakota