Firewall Trainings

Presented by Palo Alto Networks.


Course Options
1) Firewall Essentials: Configuration and Management v8.1 (EDU-210) | Course Description
2) Firewall Troubleshooting (EDU 330) | Course Description

Course Dates & Time
Firewall Essentials: April 15-19 | 8:30am-4:30pm | iCal
Firewall Troubleshooting: April 23-25 (Date Change) | 8:30am-4:30pm | iCal

Fees & Payment
Fees include courseware and meals. Invoice will be sent upon course registration.
Firewall Essentials: $3,250 | Firewall Troubleshooting: $2,000

Training Location
High Point Networks | 4204 Boulder Ridge Road Ste. 200 Bismarck, North Dakota | Map
There is an 8 student minimum to hold the class and a 12 student maximum. Register early!

This is an Instructor-led course. Please bring your laptop for the Firewall Essentials.

Please contact us at 701-282-6459.


Registration closed.