Next Level Mass Notification

Virtual Event

Notify. Protect. Deter. Respond.

Notify the right way.

Join High Point Networks as we take a new look at mass notification by pairing Mitel Mass Notification Technology with security solutions from Axis Communications.

Mass Notification enables reliable mass communication across a wide range of channels and devices so that everyone can be kept safe, informed, and connected during critical situations, regardless of their location. Now, pair this technology with reliable security solutions from Axis communications (e.g. video surveillance, access control, audio systems) and you have a powerful new way to protect your organization, employees, and customers.


What You Will Learn:

  • Benefits of Mass Notification in the eye of a pandemic
  • How you can improve safety and security within your organization
  • Identify specific use cases for Mass Notification paired with additional security solutions


What Can These Systems Do Together?:

  • One touch building lock down, mass calls, active shooter, fire alarms and more.
  • Draw a line around the restricted areas of your business, when motion is sensed, it will notify correct people.
  • Interior or exterior door is breached, video images triggered, notification occurs.



Event Details

  • Tuesday, June 16, 2020
  • 11:00 CST
  • Hosted Virtually


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