Data Center as a Service (DCaaS)


What is DCaaS?

Your servers are the heart of your IT infrastructure. As IT demands grow, server management becomes more costly and complex. Inadequate server management can lead to unexpected costs, data security risks, underutilized assets, and availability issues that can bring business to a screeching halt. In addition to growing demands, the challenges associated with attracting, training, and retaining staff with the sufficient knowledge to maintain these environments creates a business vulnerability.

As your trusted partner, High Point Networks is here to help with Data Center as a Service (DCaaS). DCaaS allows you to place these critical assets in the hands of our experienced systems engineers who are constantly monitoring and maintaining your data center from our Network Operations Center (NOC). Leave behind the performance issues, abandoned servers, and worry. Managing your assets and stress just became easier. DCaaS offers you peace of mind knowing that your unique server assets will be ‘Always Connected.’

Why DCaaS?

Event and performance monitoring and reporting – Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), automated tools, and proven processes track hardware, operating systems, and applications.
Incident and problem management – We’ll quickly resolve server incidents using a variety of best practices and proven tools.
System operations and change management – Regular operation changes increase successful configurations, optimize operations, and minimize risk.
Server utilization, resilience, and optimization – Performance monitoring and reporting optimizes server capacity, availability, and security.

Whether your servers are distributed or consolidated, on-site or co-located, virtualized or part of the cloud, our proactive approach to server management enables a cost-effective, high-performance server infrastructure.

Benefits of DCaaS

Lower Costs

  • Reduce spending on routine IT administration and reactive tasks.

  • Avoid wasted resources on stray, unnecessary servers.

  • Lessen overall costs for IT processes.

Reduced Risk

  • Benefit from repetition of best practices and processes for IT administration.

  • Gain a more stable and secure server infrastructure.

  • Achieve an IT infrastructure that responds to your evolving business needs.

Better Business Focus

  • Focus less on your servers, and more on driving your organizational goals.

  • Leverage your server infrastructure to generate real-business results.

  • Avoid unexpected cost and downtime.

They said it.

"Having a lean IT department, we do not have all the resources to fully manage the wide range of technology deployed within our organization. This is where High Point Networks comes in. They provide the necessary expertise to augment our internal IT staff for monitoring, maintaining, and upgrading our critical network, security, and server infrastructure. High Point Networks understands our needs and is able to provide a level of service that we expect out of our own internal IT Department. The staff are very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly to work with. Instead of having to look for more IT staff to hire and manage internally, we are able to focus on more strategic initiatives. Knowing our infrastructure is rock solid and being constantly monitored enables us to grow as our needs and demands change."

- Mike Gratz | IT Manager, Moore Engineering