Thank you for your assistance on our recently completed Custer County Courthouse project.

Your excellent work on our phone system enabled us to have a complete system which is serving our needs very well. The training session on the use of the phone system allowed our employees to use the system to its full extent immediately.

Your professional work and consultation were invaluable and are very much appreciated by the Custer County employees who use the system.

David Green
Director, Custer County Planning Office

Jim Kor
Staff Engineer, Custer County Planning Office


As a growing multi-site business, our IT needs were becoming very complicated for just one IT resource. We partnered with EarthBend (now High Point Networks)for our on-site general IT support services and strategic IT solutions such as security and back-up. They truly have simplified IT for us at the Journey Group.

Randy Knecht
President & CEO
Journey Group Companies
Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Managing our ShoreTel phone system has been a breeze. The process of plugging in a phone is a 2-minute operation and creating new users is very easy. It's made my life and our other Network Admins lives alot easier. The ShoreTel phone system is a great product.

We just did a software upgrade with our ShoreTel phone system from the comfort of my couch at home in about an hour. All the handsets in the company and our ShoreGear switch was upgraded with no problems, it was seamless. I performed this upgrade with the confidence of having a High Point Networks engineer online with me. It went really well.

Eric Muckenhirn
Director of Information Technology
Fergus Falls, Minnesota


I assumed the position of IT Manager in May of 2016 and since then I have been working with High Point Networks on a daily basis. The team is a great team to work with, bringing expert knowledge, integrity and a very easy approach. Our engineer visits Lofton once a week to take care of any issues. High Point Networks has a great support team, one email or phone call and someone will start working on the issue right away. We have a great relationship with High Point Networks and would recommend them to anyone.

Jimmy Rana
IT Manager
Loft Label, Inc.
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota




I have been working with High Point Networks for almost 8 years on everything from network setup and security to servers and phone systems. When it came time for a video surveillance system they were an obvious choice. The extra expense for this system was far overshadowed by the quality of the video footage, ease of install, setup and upgradability of the system. The few issues we encountered with our first install were quickly handled by their support. We have been so pleased with the quality of this system, that we have it currently installed in five locations and are working on adding on our sixth location.

Curt Buresh
IT Director
The Fischer Group
Dickinson, North Dakota


NISC strives to deliver top notch accounting, billing and engineering software to Rural Telephone and Electric Cooperatives across the United States.

NISC also helps deliver and support our member/owners networks. High Point Networks has helped NISC deliver superb network security support by being a trusted Sonicwall partner of NISC. This partnership started in 2000 and is still going strong today. The reason this partnership has been so successful is the fact that High Point Networks has grown to understand our business model and has helped us roll out a very affordable and reliable Sonicwall product to our member/owners.

High Point Networks has taken the time to really understand what NISC needs as well as our member/owners. Because of this, NISC has become to rely on High Point for other various technical IT needs now and into the future.

Scott Kaylor
Network Installation & Support Team Lead
National Information Solutions Cooperative
Mandan, North Dakota


I want to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate what Damon (Andrews) and Paul (Wold) do for Billings Clinic. Both are very responsive to questions and issues, which has made my life much easier over the past few months. Damon is always quick to provide quotes and excellent advice. Paul has done a great job stepping in when I'm not there to take care of emergencies. He has also done a fantastic job with all of the remote hospitals and clinics as well. Both Paul and Damon go to great lengths to assist no matter what the situation or time of day.

Jason Murphine
Manager of Information Services
Billings Clinic
Billings, Montana


It's all about trust. I know with absolute certainty that the team and EarthBend (now High Point Networks) will do their best to put the needs of my company above any other considerations. I've dealt with other providers in the past, and I never know if the reason they are recommending a project is because it best fits my needs or because it will give them the best margin of profit. With High Point Networks, there is no doubt. Any question I ask is answered honestly and accurately, I always end the discussion convinced that I'm being treated well.

Rob Svendsen
IT Manager
SJ Louis Construction
Rockville, Minnesota



Technology is an ever changing field that constantly needs to be monitored in order to stay up to speed. High Point Networks not only does this but they also have the resources to help provide implementation and support in all areas of the project.

High Point Networks assisted us when we were looking at moving our server infrastructure into a virtualized environment. This was due to our primary need for more storage along with necessary hardware upgrades in order to accommodate software upgrades. They assisted in determining a solution that would best fit our needs and also provided assistance in its implementation. They were great to work with on this as the transition to the new environment happened with minimal impact to our end users and 85% of the transition was performed during business hours.

The staff has gone out of their way to follow up on open issues and to check on our progress on those tasks their services were not needed. They have not only helped us with our project, but shared with us their knowledge and made sure we understood how to manage the new environment on our own. This would be a huge project for any IT Department. The solution High Point Networks put together was so well thought out and planned that what could have been a very stressful project has been implemented quite smoothly.

Justin Briscoe
Network Administrator
GOLDMARK Property Management
Fargo, North Dakota


Today's Information Technology industry calls on mentors and leaders capable of working in concert with others, able to collaborate in creative IT solutions, innovate and inspire. It's these characteristics and skills that High Point Networks brings to the table for each project. It is the extraordinary concern and desire to perform at a high level in offering IT solutions that sets High Point Networks apart. It's a common thread among that runs through those associated with High Point Networks.

I've been working with Tom McDougall since he started High Point Networks. He has developed a strong IT solutions company with loads of certified and experienced engineering talent and top sales professionals. It's a credit to their organization to keep developing and attracting the top-level IT professionals in the area. They have become a highly respected VAR in the tri-state area for their ability to effectively work with people and deliver cost effective, smart solutions. They have an uncanny way of blending "best practice" technology solutions with sometimes unique business challenges. Simply stated, they don't just sell products and services, they offer solutions to solve problems.

Much of the credit of Moore Engineering's efficient systems is due to the partnership we have with High Point Networks. We take our strong business relationship with High Point Networks seriously and look forward to many more years of working together on projects. High Point Networks just keeps on growing and achieving and I believe their service merits due recognition.

Kevin Bucholz
Moore Engineering


There's something special about being a part of a community where people help each other. Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity (LAHFH) is a local non-profit organization that brings people together to build homes for people in need. In the same way, LAHFH relies on other members of the community to provide for its own needs. When we desperately needed a network upgrade, High Point Networks worked with one of their manufacturers to provide us with a new SonicWALL firewall. Thanks to help from great community partners like High Point Networks, a distraction was removed allowing us to keep our focus on helping others.

Shirley Dykshoorn
Executive Director
Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity
Moorhead, Minnesota


When violent storms and other natural disasters wreak havoc on power delivery systems, we depend on our utility crews to restore power as quickly as possible. Providing reliable power to businesses and homes in our communities requires dedicated employees, state-of-the art technology, and partners we can count on when the need is greatest. That's why Cass County Electric Cooperative chooses High Point Networks as one of our most trusted business partners. We know from years of experience that High Point Networks has the resources and dedicated staff to help keep our critical systems operational, so we can keep our focus on our members.

Tim Sanden
VP of Information Technology, CIO
Cass County Electric Cooperative
Fargo, North Dakota


High Point Networks has been a great technology partner for Altru. With all of the changes we have been going through lately, we have been relying on High Point to keep us up to date on the latest technologies.

For example, a few years ago we began a process to select a VoIP vendor. One of our finalists was ShoreTel. We relied heavily on High Point Networks to get more information about the technology and the vendor, they did not let us down. They gathered all of the information we needed to make an informed decision. We ended up selecting ShoreTel as our vendor and began rolling this technology out to our organization. Since then, High Point has continued to be a great partner for us, providing information and support as we continue to take advantage of new features that the product offers. They have been able to provide technical expertise as well as strategic guidance as we continue the transition to this technology. Based on this experience, we feel very comfortable relying on High Point as a partner for future IT projects.

Matt Schumacher
Manager of Technical Support
Altru Health System
Grand Forks, North Dakota


Being a small company, we are unable to support a full time IT person. EarthBend (now High Point Networks) has filled that role. They are very capable of supporting our small business to the point that we feel as though we have a full IT staff on-site. High Point Networks will go the extra mile to make sure all of our needs are met.

Jeff Christiansen
General Manager
Sioux Falls, South Dakota